Pen Stand for Renwick Hotel  NYC

A page from The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald  applied to the each tumbler for the each guest rooms.

The intent is to create of a sense of wrapping pen in a piece of novel from memory of New York.


The theme is to represent the softness, lightness of paper. I believe that this theme emphasizes the original personality of the material with its richness 

and deep white tones.


Items are unglazed outside to keep the natural beautiful matte finish and have a clear glaze inside.



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The 173-room luxury hotel, located steps from Grand Central at 118 E. 40th Street, is named after James Renwick, Jr., the architect best known for his design of the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The former artist housing was also once the literary space for the likes of John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Mann. Quirky décor that reference items found in an artist's studio fill the loft-style guest rooms and 33 suites.

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