Natural Green Tea Dyeing - New collection 2019

Hand natural-dye from the recycled green tea.

  We are excited to announce that OVO ceramics and a Japanese recycled green tea dyed fabric  in Shizuoka (a prefecture in Japan renowned for its green tea industry) will collaborate and produce a new line such as placemats, coaster and wooden tableware in this new collection. 

                Placemat    18.9"x13.4"

              Coaster         4.3"x4.3"

      Plate              φ6.3"

                  Cup               φ2.75"x5.5"

     Lid                 φ3.5"

Beautiful green tea plantation spread throughout the mountains of Shizuoka prefecture. The essence of the green tea leaves is extracted and used to dyed repeatedly and finally turns a jet-black color. The Catechins in green tea have bactericidal properties.

 For the table linen, The defining feature in these products is the use of the Surugawa-zome dyeing tradition which was developed in Shizuoka during the Edo era (1600-1867). Our craftsman in Shizuoka has included the use of recycled green tea in the traditional Surugawa-zome technique.




 The historical green tea industry in Shizuoka has slowed down in recent years, by pursuing this collaboration our hope is to draw attention and interest to the cultural activity in Shizuoka.


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