Aqua Collection - Water Drop....Puddle

This collection is new line for 2018 -2019 winter / spring.

Organic shape of water drop and puddle will deliver fun and more unique sense to table.


OVOceramics specialises in porcelain, capitalising upon the innate rich, white warmth of the material. 


This unique design would  be minimal but also brings you unusual sense with a variety of organic shape include rounded edges  while taking advantage of the natural, rich white warmth that exudes from the material.

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The design with blue-grey line intends reflection of water surface.

Items are shiny clear glazed on top to bring sense of water drop and paddle.

All items are made of lead free food safe.  

 In the same theme, we create jewelry,which is

the primary product of OVO ceramics.

It has the same fabric textures and patterns as the tableware. 

See at the jewelry collection for more details.

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