OVO ceramics was founded in the spring  of 2013 by Yuka Uchida. 

Yuka is the leading designer for OVOceramics. During her time in Japan, her profession revolved around architectural design. Moving to the United States spurred an interest in the fine arts, which Yuka pursued in her studies of print making and pottery. After developing an interest in products design, she established OVOceramics, enabling her to combine her newfound interest in craft to her inherent affinity for design. Yuka’s style is minimal but unusual.  She focuses on using matte finish porcelain with a variety of texture while taking advantage of the natural, rich white warmth that exudes from the material.




OVOceramics specialises in porcelain, capitalising upon the innate rich, white warmth of the material. Tableware products can be found in the ‘Hagire’ (meaning piece of fabric) collection which is signature line. A variety of tableware and accessories are included.


This collection includes a variety of textures such as Linen, Cotton and Burlap. Various patterns such as checkered and striped (using the Nerikomi technique, a unique Japanese procedure used to design colored porcelain) are available. Products in this collection are characterised by the merging of fabric and porcelain. The intent is to create of a sense of wrapping a meal or beverage in fabric.




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