Hagire Collection - Scrap of cloth

This collection is the first tableware series of OVO ceramics.

The idea is to wrap the meal or coffee in fabric. 

                            New color for Autumn 2017


The theme is to represent the softness, lightness and warmth of fabric. I believe that this theme emphasizes the original personality of the material with its richness 

and deep white tones. Items are unglazed outside to keep the natural beautiful matte finish and have a clear glaze inside.

All itemes are made of lead free food safe. 


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Square / Size: 6"x6"x0.5"(H)    

Small / Size: 3"x3"~3.5"x3.5"     

Mini / Size: 2.75"x2.75"            

Bowl / Size: 5.5"x1.5"(H)     


Round:  3"x3.5"(H)
Round with handle: 2.5" dia. x3"(H)
Square: 3"x3"x3"(H)
Mini cup /  2"x2.75"(H)     

Knife, Fork, Chopsticks rest / Size  2.5"x1"    


Note: Above size is approximate because of all handmade.


In the same theme, we create jewelry,which is

the primary product of OVO ceramics.

It has the same fabric textures and patterns as the tableware. 

See at the jewelry section for more details.

Handmade Ceramic Jewelry



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